Radial DI Passive




This Radial passive DI SB-2 box is a compact direct box designed for multi-players to ease their onstage moves. An innovative stereo-to-mono merge function of the Radial DI box helps to save time and input channels on the PA. It provides a convenient way to connect stereo keyboards, guitars, computers and much more without having to reset the source for mono operation.


1) How can I connect my acoustic guitar to Radial passive DI box?

You can easily plug your acoustic guitar into the Radial SB-2 Passive box via a ¼” input. The compact design of the radial di box makes it ideal for travelling between your gigs.

2) We use an amp in our church. How do I connect the Radial passive DI box to the bass and our sound system so that we do not require the amp anymore?

You can plug the bass into the Radial passive DI box input and send the XLR output to your mixing board. If the player still needs their amp, run a cable from the “thru” output on the DI to the amp’s input.