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There is nothing greater and more exciting than going to see a professional musical theatre production in Melbourne. Whether sitting in the plush red seats of the Princess Theatre, Her Majesty’s, The Regent or at the Melbourne Fringe Festival, there is nothing more enriching than when the curtains open, the spotlights appear, and you are taken away to another world for two hours: enraptured by the orchestral music in the pit orchestra, and all the cast onstage, acting, singing and dancing their hearts out.

Here in Melbourne, there are many ways to get excited by the theatre. Wishing to organise your yearly school theatre or end-of-year dance showcase? Or hire a small theatre for your school holiday or children’s theatre production? What if you even wanted to organise your own alternative theatre festival or community theatre production? How would you go about hiring the right audio-visual company, the right stage equipment, and the optimum sound and lighting systems to pull it all together?

Some theatre productions we have worked in the past with range from the Fringe Festival to the Midsumma Festival. We also commonly assist with primary & high school theatre productions. Whether renting microphone headsets for performers, hiring velvet event drapes, fancy LED uplighting or an out-of-this-world audio-visual music sound system, our team of experienced sound and lighting technicians are more than ready to tailor your theatrical event to your highest whim!

At Play On Sound and Lighting, we have complete state-of-the-art theatre production packages fit to your tastes and budget, including audio-visual equipment, PA, microphone headsets & tailored sound and lighting ready to hire for your theatre show in Melbourne.

Whether you are planning a small or mega theatrical production, and regardless of who you identify as, we would love the opportunity to make your musical theatre act a memorable one for years to come. If you’re wondering how to hire a professional audio-visual theatre team or some tailored theatre production packages to create an out-of-this-world experience, we can have you sorted! We love working with theatre groups and often collaborate with production managers to supply microphone rental, PA hire and lighting hire in Melbourne.

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