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Need a state-of-the-art party DJ + Audio Visual Entertainment production team to boost your product launch experience? Create a spectacle of dreams at Play On Sound and Lighting.

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One of the most exciting times for a new business is when you hit the launch pad! Cue the music. Cue the lighting. Cue the surround sound systems and projector screens. Cue the green lasers and purply-pink spotlights. And voila … your product is born! So, what better time to celebrate this milestone moment, than to have a festive product launch in Melbourne, filled with a room of influential corporate party guests, as well as your nearest and dearest to cheer you on?

Having an innovative fashion launch event, product showcase, store opening, or trade show afterparty? Keen to fuse your brand aesthetic with a creatively inspired atmosphere to match? Perhaps you need to hire the best audio video rental equipment that Melbourne has to offer: Think party speakers. Think an ultramodern music sound system, complete with a top of the range sound mixer, a PA, mic and headset. Think art-inspired theatrics!

Take a dreamy Melbourne fashion launch, for instance – you’ll need to build it from the ground up: Cue the hiring of the perfect catwalk stage for your models, teamed with some lush event drapes. Cue the projector screens on either end of the room. Hire in your sound and lighting equipment, with a team of experienced audio-visual professionals who are ready to tailor your event to your every whim!

But before hiring that exclusive wedding DJ or live music for your wedding reception, you need to work out what kind of party atmosphere you want to create. Will you pick a theme, and tailor your whole wedding day around it? Will you throw a huge bash by creating a tailored playlist for your exclusive wedding DJ to play, featuring songs that give meaning to you as a couple? Or are you the kind of partygoers keen to hire a state-of-the-art, audio-visual team to create a romantic, smoke-laden dance floor, teamed with lots of soft wedding lighting and disco-ball effects to get your wedding guests up and dancing? At Play on Sound and Lighting, we have a range of services we can provide for your Wedding, ranging from audio-visual equipment hire, to booking Wedding DJs and even live streaming for your overseas wedding guests. To make your wedding one to remember for a lifetime, let’s take you through a couple of different wedding entertainment scenarios and explain how you can put a smile on all your guest’s faces.

At Play On Sound and Lighting, we have complete product launch packages fit to your tastes and budget, including state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment, party DJs & tailored sound and lighting ready for your Product Launch in Melbourne.

Need a slew of female DJ’s to hit the decks, play the right tracks, and set the right mood for your fashion-savvy VIP guests? Our boutique DJ Agency can provide you with a range of different personalities: with our range of ultimate Melbourne mobile djs, who have known to have played at many of Melbourne’s top venues. At Play on Sound and
Lighting, we can even offer special tailored event DJ packages, so you know that from start to finish, you not only have hired the right DJ to run your night, but the right technicians to make sure your entire sound and light show runs smoothly.

Whether you are planning an exclusive fashion launch, product showcase or interactive trade show exhibit, and regardless of who you identify as, we would love the opportunity to make your product launch memorable for your influential crowd. If you’re looking to hire a professional mobile event stage, an experienced audio-visual corporate entertainment crew or some tailored event DJ packages in Melbourne to create an out-of-the-park impression, we can have you sorted!

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