Pioneer DJ Equipment
by azayler
November 3, 2021

Pioneer DJ Equipment

Pioneer are a leader in the industry for their reputable dj equipment and mixers, however they have a large variety of systems which have many benefits and disadvantages for different styles of DJs and function types.

From their small all-in-one systems such as the DDJ-200 & DDJ-400 which are fantastic for home DJs to practice, or bring to house parties. They are inexpensive and offer the basic mixing controls. The DDJ-200 has the ability to connect to your tablet or phone via bluetooth, making it very simple to setup and perform on.

Leader in the industry

Pioneer also have larger all-in-one systems ranging from the DDJ-SX3 to the DDJ-1000, and everything in between. These more versatile DJ controllers are a fantastic choice for small to large functions, these mixers boast 4 channels which have the ability to be used for many different options such as microphones, other audio inputs or additional CDJ inputs. Some of these controllers can also offer USB, which is great for club DJs as it limits requiring a laptop to connect.

Flexible performance options

Outside of the above systems, Pioneer are most well known for their CDJs and stand alone mixers. The Pioneer CDJ 3000 has become the industry standard for clubs. This multi format player offers a wide range of features ranging from a 9″ high-resolution touch screen, ability to sync sound, lighting and visual cues, a large amount of effects and flexible performance options.

At Play On Sound & Lighting we offer Pioneer DJ Hire for your next DJ setup.



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