Is the Bose S1 Pro right for your event?
by Dale Cohen
June 14, 2023

Is the Bose S1 Pro right for your event?

Versatile, high-performance and always ready to go, the Bose S1 Pro Speaker System was designed to elevate any event to the next level. Recommended by renowned audio visual consultants, this exceptional Bluetooth speaker has earned high praise and recommendations within the industry.

Featuring two XLR inputs, AUX, and Bluetooth connection, the speaker system package offers adaptability in connecting various devices, allowing for quick and easy setup and enabling your event to run smoothly. Designed to deliver exceptional audio quality, this system is also equipped with a rechargeable battery, ensuring uninterrupted audio throughout your event.

Here at Play On Sound & Lighting, we’re experts in setting up the Bose S1 Pro system to best cater to your event type. Whether you’re hosting an outdoor event, throwing an intimate party, or showcasing musical performances, we’re able to tailor the set up of this system to offer unmatched sound quality.

How about a wedding, or even a conference? We recommend our Portable PA System Package, which features the Bose S1 Pro speaker system plus a wireless microphone. With the capability to connect up to two wireless microphones, such as handheld, lapel, or headset options, you can ensure crystal-clear audio and effortless mobility for speakers and performers. That Best Man speech will never sound better.

The portability and powerful sound projection of this package makes it a reliable companion to fill any space with crisp, immersive audio – and what more could you want for an unforgettable event? The Bose S1 Pro ensures a seamless audio experience, making it the go-to solution for Bluetooth speaker hire in Melbourne.

Interested in the Bose S1 Pro, other speakers for hire or even an audio visual consultant?



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