Radial DI Active




This Radial active DI is a compact direct box for an acoustic and passive bass. Its tailored for easy plug-in and you are ready to go! The signal will be balanced for long cable runs to the PA system and gives you a professional sound experience. This exceptional active direct box is 48V phantom powered, and you do not need any batteries to power the unit!


1) What are the major applications of the Radial active DI box?

The Radial active DI box has a tremendous range of applications and helps players to move in ease while performing gigs. Applications of the Radial active DI box includes live or recording acoustic guitar and bass, adding an amp or tuner and much more!

2) Does the Radial active DI box have a ground lift?

Yes!! It sure does. The Radial active DI box helps to reduce and eliminate the hum rising from ground loops in audio cables of your acoustic guitar.