A&H QU16 Mixer




The A&H QU16 Mixer provides an innovative approach to digital mixing. Combining onboard FX racks, compression, graphic and Parametric EQs, scene selection, multitrack recording and much more. With A&H QU16 Mixer you can enjoy exceptional functionality and a professional mixing experience.


1) Can the A&H QU16 Mixer be connected to a stage box?

The A&H QU16 Mixer connects to the AR2412 Stage Box featuring 24 inputs and 12 outputs. A major advantage of utilising this digital stage box is it only requires one Ethernet cable to carry all signals between the units.

2) Can the A&H QU16 Mixer be controlled externally?

Yes!! We provide a dedicated Apple Airport Express connected via Ethernet. The A&H QU16 Mixer can then be controlled via an iPad utilising the Qu-Pad program.

3) How many inputs and outputs are available?

16 Mono Inputs (TRS + XLR), 3 stereo inputs and 12 Outputs (LR, 4x Mono and 3x Stereo)