Event Lighting PAR4x12b LED Battery Light

by Dale Cohen

July 5, 2022

Why you need the Event Lighting Battery Par Light for your next event?

If you’re new to event lighting or DJ party lights, it can be hard to know where to start. The world of AV is vast and can sometimes feel complicated, which is why we recommend the Event Lighting Battery Par Light for any occasion.

The PAR4X12B Battery-powered LED light is the quintessential event light – powerful, versatile and easy to use, we like to recommend it as the cornerstone for any and all event lighting setups. With a full spectrum of RGBWAUV colour mixing, meaning an endless array of colours and even UV (black light) to choose from, these lights can be utilised for any desired colour theme or aesthetic. If you’re wanting to turn up (or down) the atmosphere, the Event Lighting Battery Par has a full range of dimming between 0-100%, giving users the option to tweak the ambience of their space with the touch of a button. Their built-in stand makes them easy to position and use in different settings as well, proving them to be a flexible and easily adaptable lighting solution.

Made by Event Lighting, the Battery Par comes from a long line of high-quality products that are consistently reliable and feature-packed. Event Lighting’s well-established equipment ranges are designed for efficient performance, with the Battery Par championing up to an impressive 15 hours of battery life. Housed in die-cast aluminium with a smooth matte black finish, the equipment itself blends in seamlessly with its environment, letting light take centre stage.

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